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DFW Family Law & Divorce Attorney Serving North Texas / Dallas / Denton

Family law issues are often too complex without proper legal assistance. When considering the complexities of relationships that can be affected by legal issues, it's imperative that you trust your future and the future of your family to a lawyer that has your best interests at heart. Each case is a unique situation that deserves an equally unique solution. Choosing an attorney is an important decision, as it will affect the outcome of your case.

Christie M. Phan is a DFW divorce attorney who is committed to providing the personalized, honest representation you need. She can assist you with a broad range of legal issues related to divorce and family law. In an uncontested or contested divorce, this may include determining what community property is subject to division and what separate property is not subject to division. This often also includes resolving issues related to child custody, child visitation, child support, and spousal support. An attorney's skill in handling these matters may have a significant emotional and financial impact on you and your family.

When seeking a divorce attorney in the Dallas, Fort Worth, or Denton area, you want to be sure that the attorney you retain will protect your interests and is skilled in all areas of family law. Christie M. Phan provides zealous representation in all areas of family law. She understands that these matters are extremely personal and emotional, and will take the time to fully understand your wishes and to seek out the approach to your case that will lead to the best possible resolution. She assists clients in divorce, prenuptials, postnuptials, fathers' rights, paternity issues, and wills.


  • I highly, HIGHLY recommend Christie. She was always available and made me feel very confident that my process was in good hands. Her staff is very professional. They always treat me with respect and made me feel that they care about “me” and not only my business. Best experience ever!!!

    Rosa G., Company Name

  • “I was in a incredibly tough situation with my modification and Christie was amazing! Completely professional and went far and above the call of duty. I would hire her again in an instant!”

    Joe E.

    E., Joe

  • “Christie has done an excellent job. My divorce case was dropped previously by another attorney, and Christie accepted my case the most urgent and critical time. She is a wonderful attorney and I am so lucky for having found her for my case!”

    Wendy F.

    F., Wendy

  • “Christie is an outstanding attorney ! I am a father who wanted the same rights as the mother and that’s what I got. I couldn’t thank her enough!”

    Derrick M.

    M., Derrick

  • “The reason I chose Christie is she and I attended law school together and I remembered that she was a very good student in school…I wanted to find someone who was not only knowledgeable about family law but also someone I could trust and give me the personal touch. When I found out that Christie was practicing family law, it was a no-brainer decision for me. She has kept in touch with me in a very timely manner, been very professional, and her fees are more than reasonable…”

    Reena W.

    W., Reena

  • “I never understood much about the court system but after my experience in a 2 1/2 year custody battle ending in my favor, I now appreciate even more, the work an attorney does. Just when I thought it was over, it wasn’t. I was now having to deal with an appeal and very close to giving up in finding one I could afford. I was very thankful when Christie agreed to take my case despite her limited experience with appeals. She took the time to review my case prior to our first meeting. Christie went above and beyond to work on my case and in the end WE WON! Christie immediately called me as soon as she was notified of the appeals court decision. The call that day was much appreciated. I definitely would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Christie!!”

    Virginia V.

    V., Virginia

  • “Christie was extremely professional and diligent in handling of my divorce. She was available for questions and helped make the process as smooth and painless as possible. I would highly recommend Christie.”

    Alex B.


    B., Alex

  • “Christie helped me with every aspect of my child custody modification case. As a male trying to get primary I thought it would be nearly impossible. Christie took all the facts and was able to get a hearing set as well as temporary orders put in place. She ultimately worked to have everything settled without a hearing. I have worked with a lawyer in the past through a divorce and I would most definitely say she was more reasonable and was eager to help me with any concerns with my case and did a great job of getting back to me when I had questions. Thanks Christie”

    Jocqua M. 


    M., Jocqua

There is too much at stake in matters of marriage dissolution to risk hiring a lawyer who will not dedicate themselves to understanding the depths of your case and intricate matters involved.

DFW Divorce Attorney

The decision to terminate a marriage is a huge step for every individual involved. Most often, the effects of a divorce are felt by many more people than just the two persons who are splitting. Family members, children, and friends can all feel the effects as well. This makes it all the more important to feel secure about the divorce attorney you choose to represent your case. There is too much at stake in matters of marriage dissolution to risk hiring a lawyer who will not dedicate herself to understanding the depths of your case and intricate matters involved. Family law attorney Christie M. Phan understands all of these circumstances and tailors her work around them. She knows what it takes to successfully represent her clients during the divorce process, and she is willing to do whatever is necessary to go the distance for the clients she serves. Use the form below to receive a FREE consultation and an in depth analysis and discussion with a Strong Dallas Attorney In addition to providing you with her extensive experience, Christie M. Phan is dedicated to her clients' best interests, no matter what race, color or creed. You can be certain that you will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Contact Dallas divorce attorney Christie M. Phan for high-quality legal representation in all types of family law.