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Enforcement of Orders

The hope is that, once a divorce is finalized, the dispute has been resolved and there will be no more fighting.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. All too often, new disputes arise over allegations of possession orders not being followed, child support payments not being made on time, property not being turned over according to the court orders, and other issues.

As your attorney, I am committed to resolving these disputes. Properly written divorce orders are generally binding and disobedience may result in a contempt of court action, including incarceration.

Properly drawn court orders can be enforced and I know how to see that they are. I have experience filing enforcement and contempt actions in the DFW area.

Enforcement of Divorce Orders

Child support enforcement is frequently necessary. Sometimes, there is a deliberate refusal of a parent to make payments. There are, however, circumstances in which job loss or some other financial issue has caused the parent to fall behind.

Enforcement of spousal maintenance and spousal support becomes necessary in situations similar to child support enforcement.

Child custody and visitation enforcement may be required if one parent is denying access to the child. In these cases, options may be available not only to resolve the dispute, but if necessary, to make arrangements to compensate for time that has been lost.

Contempt of Court

A charge of contempt of court can be made in certain situations in which one party is refusing to follow court orders. This charge can have serious repercussions, including fines, attorney’s fees, and incarceration.

I know how to determine when pursuing a contempt of court action is necessary, whether for child support enforcement or any other enforcement issue. I also know how to defend people facing contempt charges.