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Pre/Postmarital Agreements

I help my clients find peace of mind in their marriages by helping them create ironclad pre- and post-marital contracts.

No one enters into a marriage thinking it will fail. But people have come to realize the need for practicality when considering their futures — and a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be a valuable safeguard in the event of divorce.

The Important Reasons Behind Marital Contracts

Prenuptial agreements: There are numerous reasons that our clients wish to create a prenuptial agreement before a marriage. Some are tying the knot later in life and have significant wealth to protect. Others are entrepreneurs and want to ensure they remain in control of their business and its profits. And many seek to establish a plan to pass a portion of their wealth to children from a previous marriage.

Postnuptial agreements: While less common than prenuptial agreements, many people find the need to create a marital contract after they are already married. Some wish to safeguard a new business venture, while others want to protect against adultery. And many simply realize after the fact that they need to protect their assets in the event of a divorce. Whatever your reasons, I can help.

Using Smart Legal Tactics To Protect Your Financial Rights

I have extensive experience in family law matters, and understand the financial complexities that need to be addressed in prenuptial and postnuptial contracts.

While I may only represent one of the spouses in these legal contracts, I understand the need for sensitivity. I am respectful to all involved parties while maintaining your best interests.

North Texas Postnuptial Agreements Attorneys

Protect yourself and your assets in the event of a divorce. Contact my law firm to schedule a free initial consultation. I am ready to help with your premarital or postmarital agreement.